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Stirling Engines cl-stirling-engine calculation program project (in Lisp) by Denis Budyak (Russian and English). New simplified heat engine by Jim Lewis Today's Stirling Engines: How They Work Plans of Rotary Displacer Type Stirling Engine
ThermoAcoustic-Stirling Heat Engine (TASHE)
wikipedia Thermoacoustic_heat_engine
A Sound Way to Turn Heat into Electricity
Other engines
OPOC opposed piston, opposit cylinder engine. (youtube)
Bourke engine
Russian Rotary Vane Engine
Rotary Vee Engine Part 3 of 6
Z8 engine
Hüttlin Kugelmotor (german language)
New Split Cycle Engine Concept: The Doyle Rotary Engine
Turbocombustion Green-Engine Technology See How It Works
Libralato Engine
rotary engine--new powerful IC engine
Spherical Internal Combustion Engine. Kugelmotor!
5-Stroke Engine - Concept
ZZ02 Engine with spherical fraisoidal rotary piston