Malayalam characters: 3328-3455 (charset=Utf-8)

3328=ഀ 3329=ഁ
3330=ം 3331=ഃ 3332=ഄ 3333=അ 3334=ആ 3335=ഇ 3336=ഈ 3337=ഉ 3338=ഊ 3339=ഋ
3340=ഌ 3341=഍ 3342=എ 3343=ഏ 3344=ഐ 3345=഑ 3346=ഒ 3347=ഓ 3348=ഔ 3349=ക
3350=ഖ 3351=ഗ 3352=ഘ 3353=ങ 3354=ച 3355=ഛ 3356=ജ 3357=ഝ 3358=ഞ 3359=ട
3360=ഠ 3361=ഡ 3362=ഢ 3363=ണ 3364=ത 3365=ഥ 3366=ദ 3367=ധ 3368=ന 3369=ഩ
3370=പ 3371=ഫ 3372=ബ 3373=ഭ 3374=മ 3375=യ 3376=ര 3377=റ 3378=ല 3379=ള
3380=ഴ 3381=വ 3382=ശ 3383=ഷ 3384=സ 3385=ഹ 3386=ഺ 3387=഻ 3388=഼ 3389=ഽ
3390=ാ 3391=ി 3392=ീ 3393=ു 3394=ൂ 3395=ൃ 3396=ൄ 3397=൅ 3398=െ 3399=േ

3400=ൈ 3401=൉ 3402=ൊ 3403=ോ 3404=ൌ 3405=് 3406=ൎ 3407=൏ 3408=൐ 3409=൑
3410=൒ 3411=൓ 3412=ൔ 3413=ൕ 3414=ൖ 3415=ൗ 3416=൘ 3417=൙ 3418=൚ 3419=൛
3420=൜ 3421=൝ 3422=൞ 3423=ൟ 3424=ൠ 3425=ൡ 3426=ൢ 3427=ൣ 3428=൤ 3429=൥
3430=൦ 3431=൧ 3432=൨ 3433=൩ 3434=൪ 3435=൫ 3436=൬ 3437=൭ 3438=൮ 3439=൯
3440=൰ 3441=൱ 3442=൲ 3443=൳ 3444=൴ 3445=൵ 3446=൶ 3447=൷ 3448=൸ 3449=൹
3450=ൺ 3451=ൻ 3452=ർ 3453=ൽ 3454=ൾ 3455=ൿ

If you do not see Malayalam letters in this page,
or the page is rendered with too many "spelling mistakes", If you cannot see any Malayalam letters, or if there are too many "spelling-mistakes," read the following:

For Microsoft Windows users:

The most probable reason why you cannot see anything on the Malayalam Wikipedia is that you don't have a font which supports the Malayalam Unicode range. If you can see some letters, but there are too many errors, most probably you have a font with poor support for Malayalam Unicode. The best fonts available are Thoolika Unicode fonts produced by Supersoft in Thiruvananthapuram. I particularly like the traditional version. This works almost perfectly in Windows 95/98, ME, 2000, and XP (especially if you have updated to Internet Explorer 5 or over if you have an older version of Windows). Please download the fonts by following the links above and install them. To install, open "Fonts" from Control Panel.

Internet Explorer users:
If you were able to see some letters, you will need to switch the font Internet Explorer uses for showing Malayalam Unicode. To do this pull down Tools from the menubar in Internet Explorer and follow Internet Options..., click on Fonts. Choose Malayalam in Language script first, and choose a Thoolika font in the Web page font box. Restart Internet Explorer if it doesn't work the first time around.

Mozilla users:
It seems you need to turn on "Indic" support in Windows 2000. To do this, go to Control Panel in your computer, double click on Regional Options. In General Tab, language settings for the system, check the Indic box and click OK. You may need to restart the machine after doing this. In Windows XP, go to Control Panel in your computer, double click Regional and Language Options, select Languages Tab, under supplemental language support, check the box to install files for complex script and click OK. (Can somebody please confirm this?). In case you are still not able to see Malayalam letters properly in Mozilla, you should select the font Mozilla uses for Unicode by opening from Mozilla's menu bar Edit->Preferences->Appearance->Fonts. Choose "Fonts for:" as Unicode and all typefaces as ThoolikaTraditionalUnicode or ThoolikaUnicode.

Be warned that even with this setup you will notice some "errors". These are mostly because of problems with the way Windows handles Malayalam Unicode. The most jarring error is with chillak.sharams which get rendered as base letter and chandrakkala.

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